Welcome to Mudgee Candles!    You can choose candles from the samples below or suggest your own design and colours.
Most designs and colours can be incorporated on any candle.  We can add any wording eg names and dates on baptism and wedding candles, and we can add photos or logos as required.

All the candles are Australian made in Victoria.  We then individually hand cut and decorate or hand dye, using only quality
waxes and home-made dyes.    Sizes and prices are quoted for the various types of candles and the work involved.

To minimise dripping and extend the life of your candles, keep wicks trimmed and straight.  Dripping will also occur if
candles are placed under fans.  Please make sure candles are not left in direct sunlight, or in hot situations, eg. closed cars.

These candles are 'hand made by us, for you to share with others'.  Proceeds support various projects within the Church
and community at Mudgee.

Order a Candle

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  • Postage
    Postage and packaging prices vary according to the number of candles, type of candles and destination.

Advent Candles
Baptism, Blessing, Dedication, Confirmation
Any wording is included in price
Butterfly Candles
Christmas Candles
Church Candles
Hand-dyed Candles
Holy Communion Candles
Lenten Candles
Ordination, Induction, Commissioning
Prayer Candles
Wedding Anniversary Candles
Wedding Candles
Includes wording