Journeying with God as we love and serve the community

The tables are ready!

Sometimes, our worship includes opportunities to sit together and share ideas. Opportunities to learn more about each other, and our faith.

The Bread of Life

Preparing to share in worship, reflecting on the impact of Jesus' words on our lives.

Active Easter Worship!

As part of our Easter Day service, we involved everyone in the celebration. it's great when all ages are active!

Easter Sunday rainbow

The rainbow was God's covenant to His people. It reminds us of His presence in our lives every day.


Special Events ...

Uniting City and Country 


This weekend we will be visited by Nicole and Lloyd from Gordon Uniting Church. 

We will be exploring the possibilities for 2019:

sharing, learning, discovering what we can do together. 

Saturday 19 January: 3.00-5.00 pm%uFEFF

exploring possibilities in an open conversation followed by a barbq tea at 6.00 pm. 

 Sunday 20 January: 9.30 am

worship led by Nicole and Lloyd, followed by lunch together.

 Sunday 20 January: 2.00

afternoon tea at Rylstone Uniting Church 

Questions?  contact us through our contact pages. 


We wish everyone in our communities all the best for 2019.  Here's to a year where we make a difference in the world. 

What will you do to share the Good News? %uFEFF

Mudgee Uniting Community Garden

Come join us, to garden, chat, relax, enjoy nature.    

The harvest is on - gather fresh homegrown vegetables and fruit, or enjoy the beautiful surrounds of our thriving garden. %uFEFF

This week we will farewell Gabe, who has been an amazing communicator and organiser. 

The garden will be open on Sunday after 11.30 am. 

Kids in the Garden

Every Monday (when school resumes)

10.00 - 12.00 noon

Find us on
Search for Mudgee Uniting Community Garden

If you are interested in being involved, please email

Community Activities

Chances to meet, share fellowship, enjoy the company of others.  

First Sunday of every month:
Crossroads Service
Mudgee Uniting Church 
6.00 - 8.00 pm 
An inclusive  time of worship and fellowship. 

Exploring the Lectionary 
Mudgee Uniting Church 
7.00 - 9.00 pm
Rylstone Uniting Church
3.00 - 4.00 pm
Learn more about the readings that guide our worship each week. 
Everyone welcome!

Nitter Natter 
2.00 - 4.00 pm
Mudgee Uniting Church
A chance to spend time knitting for charity,
learning to knit,
sharing afternoon tea and
enjoying good company. 
All welcome

January  Events

January is a quiet month as we all rest and relax with family and friends. 
All our regular activities will re-commence in February. 

Worship services continue:
in Mudgee at 9.30 am each Sunday. 
in Rylstone at 9.30 am each Sunday. 


About our Community

What is Advent?

For many Christians unfamiliar with the liturgical year, there may be some confusion surrounding the meaning of the Advent season. Some people may know that the Advent season focuses on expectation and think that it serves as an anticipation of Christ%u2019s birth in the season leading up to Christmas. This is part of the story, but there%u2019s more to Advent.

The word %u201CAdvent%u201D is derived from the Latin word adventus, meaning %u201Ccoming,%u201D which is a translation of the Greek word parousia. Scholars believe that during the 4th and 5th centuries in Spain and Gaul, Advent was a season of preparation for the baptism of new Christians at the January feast of Epiphany, the celebration of God%u2019s incarnation represented by the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus (Matthew 2:1), his baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist (John 1:29), and his first miracle at Cana (John 2:1). During this season of preparation, Christians would spend 40 days in penance, prayer, and fasting to prepare for this celebration; originally, there was little connection between Advent and Christmas.

By the 6th century, however, Roman Christians had tied Advent to the coming of Christ. But the %u201Ccoming%u201D they had in mind was not Christ%u2019s first coming in the manger in Bethlehem, but his second coming in the clouds as the judge of the world. It was not until the Middle Ages that the Advent season was explicitly linked to Christ%u2019s first coming at Christmas.

Advent Today 

Today, the season of Advent lasts for four Sundays leading up to Christmas. At that time, the new Christian year begins with the twelve-day celebration of Christmastide, which lasts from Christmas Eve until Epiphany on January 6. (Advent begins on Sunday that falls between November 27th and December 3rd each year.)  Advent 2018 begins on Sunday, December 2 and ends on Monday, December 24.

Advent symbolizes the present situation of the church in these %u201Clast days%u201D (Acts 2:17Hebrews 1:2), as God%u2019s people wait for the return of Christ in glory to consummate his eternal kingdom. The church is in a similar situation to Israel at the end of the Old Testament: in exile, waiting and hoping in prayerful expectation for the coming of the Messiah. Israel looked back to God%u2019s past gracious actions on their behalf in leading them out of Egypt in the Exodus, and on this basis, they called for God once again to act for them. In the same way, the church, during Advent, looks back upon Christ%u2019s coming in celebration while at the same time looking forward in eager anticipation to the coming of Christ%u2019s kingdom when he returns for his people. In this light, the Advent hymn %u201CO Come, O Come, Emmanuel%u201D perfectly represents the church%u2019s cry during the Advent season:   

O come, O come, Emmanuel,
And ransom captive Israel,
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appears.
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.

While Israel would have sung the song in expectation of Christ%u2019s first coming, the church now sings the song in commemoration of that first coming and in expectation of the second coming in the future.

This informaiton came from this address:  To read more visit the link. 


Words of Wisdom

“If there is no laughter, Jesus has gone somewhere else. If there is no joy and freedom, it is not a church. If there is no celebration, there is no real worship. ”

Steve Brown

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. ”

Desmond Tutu

“Show hospitality to strangers. ”


“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. ”

Maya Angelou