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Some ideas to ponder on .

This week we are sharing our worship with Gordon Pymble Uniting Church - virtually! Working with an online connection, we will begin our worship together. Join us for virtual worship and real fellowship. 9.30 am.

This is an interesting read reminding us that we often have to consider historical contexts as we read the Bible. The concept or principles of Jesus message is what we seek to understand.

This Sunday morning we will be sharing together our ideas about transforming, diversity and future. A chance to wonder how the week’s readings help us understand these words, and what they might mean for our lives. All welcome!

Meeting people where they are at. Making a difference.

We often find it hard to sit together in silence and yet, it can be the most important thing we offer someone- including ourselves.

Facing Hard Questions with Val Webb Mudgee Uniting Church, Mudgee 2850 Three stand-alone discussion sessions led by Dr. Val Webb Session 1: Sunday 19 May 2019 Session 2: Sunday 23 June 2019 Session 3: Sunday 28 July 2019 SESSION 1: ‘Forgiveness, Healing and Reconciliation: A South African Story’ A film and discussion featuring an award-winning film of two people’s journey to forgiveness after one’s ordering of a massacre led to the murder of the other’s daughter. What is forgiveness? When is forgiveness possible? And how? SESSION 2: ‘Awe and Wonder: a common language for science and religion?’ Video presentation and discussion (Living the Questions series) featuring several thinkers on ways in which science and religion might communicate in our contemporary, scientific world. This will include cosmology, creation, evolution and evolutionary Christianity and spirituality. SESSION 3: ‘How an Evolving Faith might imagine a Future’ Video presentation and discussion (Living the Questions series) on how religious faith has evolved and continues to evolve as worldviews, science and spirituality changes. Where might we be going as human beings in search of the Sacred? Sunday afternoons – 2.3o to 4pm Come to one, two or three sessions at Mudgee Uniting Church, Mudgee For further information, contact Val on 0439 092 741 or Rev Greg on 0429 916 191

We have been looking at radical hospitality as mission. Open doors, shared plates, fellowship while sharing a meal. How do others show hospitality towards their community?

Worship this Sunday 9.30am. "The BBQ on The Beach" who is this Jesus who meets us in the everyday activities of our life? Communion will be celebrated. All Welcome! Tea and Coffee following the service.

A prayer to start the day😊

This Sunday our worship will be blessed by the presence of our NSW/ACT moderator, Rev. Simon Hansford. We are sure his message will be inspiring! Both Mudgee and Rylstone Sunday congregations will join together for a time of fellowship and sharing. The service at 9.30 will be followed by morning tea and then lunch. Everyone is welcome as we walk the road of faith together. 🌈😃

It’s wonderful that Palm Sunday has become a day to join the crowds and make a noise about the people on the edges. Hosanna!

Holy Week Services at Mudgee Uniting Church Maundy Thursday Thursday 18 April 7.00 pm Good Friday Friday 19 April 3.00 pm Easter Sunday Sunday 21 April 6.00 am in the front yard 9.30 am Mudgee Uniting Church

Every day!


An approach to change that has some good ideas in it.

Some good news.

A beautiful inclusive reflection. All of this is us.

Memorial service for Christchurch tonight at Mudgee Uniting

An upcoming visit that we are really looking forward to! Everyone is welcome to hear Simon share his stories and hear our stories! All of this is us! .

Mudgee Uniting Community Garden

Remembering Christchurch. On Thursday 28 March at 7pm, we will have a time of prayer in remembrance of the lives lost in Christchurch. Mudgee Uniting Church. Open to people of all denominations, all faiths are welcome.

During Lent we are building our worship each week around the concept of courage- courage to act, courage to serve, courage to be transformed in our living. Lent Event is part of our worship and the ministry team have committed to each putting $1 a day aside towards supporting Timor Leste. For more information, visit the Lent event page. Over the weeks of Lent we are knocking down walls- we have built a wall that will come down a little each week. We worship at 9.30 each week- join us to explore courage, in our world today.

How our wider church leads the way.

Would you call this a congregation of baptism candles?😊 how lovely do these look? Remember, if you need a candle for worship or for a gift, or a wedding we can provide you with one. Our full range is on our website. Or contact us through FB. 😊

Today is the first Sunday of Lent. Our theme for Lent will be "It Took Courage...". We will be asking ourselves "How do we break down the walls that divide"? Come and join us this week as we introduce the people of East Timor and journey with them in their courageous struggle to freedom. Today 9.30am EVERYONE welcome!

Building the community up.

And one to chuckle with.

Something to ponder on today.

An awe inspiring piece of information!

Sunday 17.2.19 Today we made our own tin forest, for the full story see link. The poor, the hungry, the downcast, the rejected – all were central to the mission of Jesus. And Jesus intent was not just to bring comfort and blessings to these people, but to bring transformation to their lives. Similarly the old man in 'The Tin Forest' story brought complete transformation to the yard of junk that he lived in, and through his hard work and conviction to change, a beautiful forest emerged. Our craft activity involved transforming some rubbish, everyday leftovers from our lives, into something new & beautiful.

Some interesting ideas here!

‘Here I am , Lord. Send me”. Tomorrow morning our worship explores how each of us brings our unique selves when we respond to the words of God and follow. Wondering what role you might play if you said, send me? Join us to find out more! 9.30 am at Mudgee Uniting Church.