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Well done to Perthville - making a difference in the community!

Sometimes it is simple to show love.

This week sees the beginning of Lent, and on Wednesday evening we will hold a service of reflection and prayer for Ash Wednesday. All are welcome. When? 7 pm Where: in Mudgee Uniting Church , Mortimer St Mudgee. Join us for a time of reflection and prayer.

This morning in Rylstone the congregation explored building - the odd shapes were difficult to bring together in one building. When bluetak was used though more stable and complex structures could be created. Give, love and build were key words to guide us in our daily lives that emerged from the readings. Our faith holds the varied elements of our lives together. The bluetak symbolised the power of faith, and God, in our lives, gluing it together.

This Sunday, Greg leads us in worship at Mudgee. Everyone is welcome to join us in worship at 9.30. Morning tea follows the service and maybe even some gathering of produce from the garden.

Today Lynne, Rob, Greg and myself shared in the induction of Clare Wright at Bathurst UnitingChurch. It was a joyful celebration, a time of prayer and praise and the beginning of an adventure ( so named by Clare!). It was wonderful to share. Meanwhile back in Mudgee, others shared in the celebration of Molly and Alexander's birthday- Molly is 4! And Alex is 2! We have been lucky to share in their lives to this point. Fellowship, celebration, warmth and love. Faith brings us together to celebrate life!

Can you help? Connect here with agencies organising help. Pray for those who are suffering and face a complex and difficult time in the next while. Pray as well for those have generously stood up to help - the fire fighters, the supporters, the hands reaching out.

This is an annual ecumenical service, with words written for 2017 by women in the Philippines. We come together to hear their stories, share their dreams and pray for the world.

Everyone is welcome to join in this ecumenical event at Mudgee Uniting Church in March. Each year Mudgee churches organise the service, and supper to follow. All welcome.

Heatwaves are perhaps our future norm. Some practical thinking about the pastoral care we can show.

While the adults sat around fans dreaming these two created a dream!

This article moved me as I read it. It describes worship in a way that I dream of- fluid, focussed, for all the people. Driven by love and inclusive of all. Open and in touch with their context.

A favourite song of mine.

An interesting change. I hope it doesn't put volunteers off- protection all round I think? We are grateful to those who take up this ministry. It's challenging but so important.

Happy birthday Karen! This morning we shared with you, remembering the special way you love each of us on our birthdays. Have a wonderful day!

What a great idea this is!

Tonight we pray for all those in Mudgee who have experienced some damage or danger as a result of the storm this afternoon. The power of nature is amazing - pictures of fallen trees, crushed cars, broken buildings and gardens - are testament to that. Thanks to those who have stepped up to help, to clean up, to support others.

This is such an inclusive message for us all to act on! Let's hope it is reflected across the year- not just on one day!

An interesting perspective.