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This morning we mixed traditional and cafe style worship, joining together to reflect and then breaking into table groups for conversation, sharing and prayer. We shared our thoughts about the text from the John reading. We prayed for ourselves and others we knew. And we sang. It was lovely to be together.

Imagine this! Being in the community, and with the community.

Important reading to understand the processes within our wider church.

To our team of lay leaders in Mudgee and Rylstone who have been leading worship for many years now, supported by a resource minister and now a supply minister. Across our Presbytery there are many who offer leadership in worship each week, alongside full time work, community activity and family. Your faith enables great things! Thank you for the time, dedication and commitment that has been shared. The encouragement, support, creative thinking, adventurous services that have connected with our congregations and shown new ways to worship. Thank you for stretching and strengthening to create worship that is heartfelt and authentic. All of this is us. 😊

Just this .

Sometimes revisiting books that influenced ones thinking can be a surprising renewal and development in ones thinking.

A lovely peaceful post

There were many times when we did our big renovation that we sat and ate together. Table fellowship is really important.

An interesting reflection on different ways to think community.

All of this is is. Isn’t it wonderful that these pictures of Assembly show the diversity of our wider church, and the fact that everyone is involved in decision making? Challenging decisions about our future being made by members involved at all levels.

Interesting insights into the decision making process of the Uniting Church.

A wonderful way to think about the patience we need as we wait and listen for God’s direction.

A very interesting conversation, something to think about as we walk in our daily lives.

A celebration of forward thinking, careful planning and most importantly, faith. What will the next 40 bring?

Imagine if ...

This week is Refugee Week. Many stories to share.

We are all complex and different. God made us that way!

Action for Refugee Week 2018. The theme for Refugee Week this year is #with refugees. It encourages all of us to remember refugees are people, like us. Living lives in difficult times. Wanting the best for their children and families. They, like others we know and live with, sometimes struggle to provide for them. So, From 3 June until 24 June we are once again gathering donations to support refugees living in Australia. Drop your donations of rice, beans, pasta, tinned tomatoes, corn or beans, or deodorants, nappies, shampoo, toothbrushes, shopping bags into the church whenever it’s open. God gives to us abundantly, inviting us to do likewise. Thank you to those who have helped in previous donations.