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Today our community garden was part of the Open Garden event. Visitors were welcomed with delicious food, garden activities and workshops . Thank you to Angela who oversaw it all. More tomorrow- come and see the beauty of a communal venture.

Letโ€™s celebrate the way a new approach has connected community and a Uniting Church!

A message of encouragement and reflection from Saltbush.

Interesting thinking.

Starting to think about Advent worship? Order advent candles for your wreath. $80 + postage for the set. Hand dyed, each set unique texture. Orders taken until October 31, for delivery by mid-November. See more candles on our website:

Uniting Church in action!

A thought ...

Getting comfortable in the way we do things may feel good- but does it open our eyes, hearts and hands to the message of Jesus?

Maybe someone is able to attend?

A sad loss of great and gentle leaders.

Interesting thought for mission.

Service tomorrow 9.30 " Money, Money, Money" are we the rich fools? Luke 12: 13-21. We will also have the debut of our newly installed Allen organ generously gifted to us by the Orange Uniting Church. Gulgong service at 2.30pm in the Gulgong CWA Hall. Everyone welcome.

Worship Sunday 9.30am. Special guest speaker Allison Cooke, Associate Director, Australian Partnerships, Uniting World. UnitingWorld is the overseas arm of the Uniting Church connecting communities in developing countries. Come and hear Allison share about the work UnitingWorld does.

Something to watch and listen to in the context of the recent synod meeting. I love the clarity of the message.

Who says prayer should be carefully formulated? Love that this picture reminds us that God is listening, no matter how garbled our thinking!

Lynne Waller I can see this happening....

An interesting challenge! I wonder if a congregation could consider an idea such as this? ๐Ÿ˜„

Church tomorrow 9.30am. The story of the Good Samaritan. We will be asking the question "who am I in this story?". Everyone welcome the heaters will be on well before service so don't worry about the forecast minus 3 degrees!

An interesting approach- I wonder how it would go!

An excellent summary of Synod 2019. Food for thought and action!

We use so many words as we gather and worship. Does this mean we miss things? This reflection on silence opens pathways to new ways of praying and being.

Great news!

And a summary of Day 2.

Synod 2019. Conversation, challenge and worship.

See whatโ€™s happening- the wraps bring it all together ๐Ÿ˜Š

The first keynote at Synod. Some thought provoking ways of looking at church in community.

A thoughtful read.

Some ideas to ponder on .